Art Consultancy and Artist Collaboration

Art Consultancy

Studio Izzo advises organisations, businesses, and individuals on decisions relating to their artworks and collections. Carolina Izzo has over 40 years experience in the art world and has provided consultation for clients ranging from Royal Palaces, official NATO Residences, and Civic Museums in Naples, to large corporations and hotels in New Zealand. We are connected with many artists and arts organisations.

The studio’s expertise and knowledge covers both historical and contemporary arts and a vast breadth of experience in the field of art conservation puts longevity and the future of a collection at the core of all consultation.

Artist Collaboration

The studio is very supportive of practising artists. We can help from the start of a project to the final fabrication and installation of the artwork. This can include devising appropriate hanging systems for artworks that require a custom solution.

Testimonial - Robin White, Artist

The exhibition is going very well and the hanging arrangement that you devised is excellent. Thank you Carolina for helping us.

Photos Below :  Carolina with Stephen Bambury (bottom left) and Peter McLeavey (bottom right)

Photo Far Right:  Glass Transformation, 1972, Billy Apple © and Annea Lockwood. Image courtesy of the Billy Apple© Archive and Annea Lockwood.